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Beverly International UMP Protein Bars 12 Box

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Beverly International UMP Protein Bars 12 Box

If you're a fan of Beverly International's UMP Protein Powder, you're going to LOVE the UMP Protein Bars. These real food protein bars have a world class taste and texture and pack in 20 grams of a protein blend to help support men and women looking to put on lean muscle mass. These bars are great for a pre-workout energy boost, a post workout recovery snack, or just a grab and go snack or meal replacement. 

Beverly International UMP Protein Bars Highlights & Benefits

  • 20 Grams Protein Per Bar
  • Great for a Pre-Workout Energy Boost
  • Great for Post Workout Muscle Recovery
  • Great On-The-Go Snack or Meal Replacement


Just open and enjoy. One bar is one serving. 

Beverly International UMP Protein Bars 12 Box Ingredients

Beverly UMP Protein Bars Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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