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Now Foods Cal-Mag 500/250 Mg 250 Tablets

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NOW Foods Cal-Mag 500/250mg provides essential minerals for strong bones, heart, muscles, and nerves. Adults aged 50 or over should ensure they are receiving the optimal daily intake of 1,000–2,000mg of Calcium to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Magnesium helps reduce inflammation and support a healthy heart and blood pressure. Deficiencies of this mineral are common in people with kidney disease, digestive issues, or who abuse alcohol. NOW Cal-Mag is a perfect way to get both nutrients in an easy-to-take supplement, with the addition of Vitamin D also available. NOW Cal-Mag Benefits:
  • Helps Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Protects Against Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
  • Promotes Healthy Heart, Muscle, and Nerves
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